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LearnByTweet Microlessons

By publishing on social media we’ve made our curriculum even more accessible. These lessons highlight key knowledge and important skills covered in our courses. From navigating the college admissions process to career success, find the whole catalog on our twitter account:


The better we understand our brains, and the better we understand how we actually learn, then the better able we’ll be to come up with approaches and strategies – in the classroom, and in life – that can maximize our ability to learn efficiently, and to learn deeply.


Learn strategies that will help you activate your academic reading and take more effective, more efficient notes in class.


Take veritas (the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness), and apply it to your authenticity, to who you are as a person, and then develop a personal brand and communicate that brand during a job interview and to others in your community.


The purpose of this lesson is for service members to understand that being a good citizen and a good community member is at the core of being a good American and making a successful career transition.


Passion. If we have a strong devotion in what we do, we are more likely to achieve excellence in that endeavor. In the military, we had a passion for serving our country and the mission. As we transition, we need to seek a new passion, a new mission, so we can achieve that same level of excellence in the next stage of our lives.


Break down the process of transition to education and find an educational program that fully maximizes your potential.