You've Been Accepted. Now What?

Beth E. Morgan
May 20, 2022

Once accepted, you should definitely feel a sense of relief, but - a word to the wise - don't stop working to set yourself up for success. Making this final choice is both challenging and exciting. 

So what are some of things you want to consider before you accept that offer?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Think back on what the most important factors were in your decision to apply - family needs, credit transfers, majors, college size. Will this school(s) meet those needs?
  • The cost of college can be a critical factor to consider. Review your financial aid options. 
  • What are the deadlines for notifying a college of your decision?
  • Is there a deposit required?
  • When all else fails, go with your gut when making a decision. If it helps, remember there is not “the” right-fit college, but perhaps “a” right-fit college. 

Here are some things to do:

  • After deciding on a college or university, make sure you follow the instructions on the acceptance letter or email for accepting the offer of admissions or deferring (which is simply starting a semester or two down the road).
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork to allow you to register for classes when the time comes.
  • According to the timeline set by the college, set up an appointment with an academic advisor to review your degree plan and the placement of previously earned/accepted transfer credits.
  • Get your financial situation squared away by meeting with the college's VA certifying official, providing them with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Stay on top of housing information if you're moving to a different state, deadlines, etc., so you're not rushing to meet ancillary needs as you're getting ready to start your next semester, or, apply for campus housing if necessary.
  • Once the time comes, you'll need to enroll in your courses–find out if your college offers priority registration to veterans. 


 It just got real! Congratulations! Enjoy all that you’ve earned. 

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