About the Center

Over the last decade and a half, Columbia University developed the most sophisticated and successful program at an Ivy League or highly selective private college or university for service members transitioning from the military to undergraduate and graduate education, the workforce, and civilian life.

During this time, Columbia has successfully enrolled more student-veterans than all other Ivy League schools combined, while maintaining a graduation rate above 90% and a record of job and graduate school placement that equals Columbia’s non-veteran graduates.

However, during this same period, it became clear that service members in transition continue to face barriers reaching their potential in accessing higher education and beginning meaningful careers, despite the many effective programs offered to this population. By drawing on the lessons and experiences gained working with service members in transition over the past fifteen years, the Center will be a national center of excellence, focused on ensuring transitioning veterans receive access to world class programming and support designed to maximize their potential in education and the workforce.